Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook on 'Model Institution' Spread 0

Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook on 'Model Institution' Spread 0 cover

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Notebook on 'Model Institution', 1981-83

Author: Helen Chadwick (1953-1996)

Date: c.1980

Size: 8 x 10.3cm. 1 volume, 127 pages with loose leaves.

Description: 'Model Institution' was an installation with sound about unemployment shown at various venues from 1981-1983. The notebook charts the development of 'Model Institution'. It contains ideas for 'Model Institution'; details of suppliers for the booths constructed for its installation; notes on the content of the sound piece with a cast of five performers; ideas for a self-portrait 'About my life' (which could be an early idea relating to 'Ego Geometria Sum'); list of possible venues; references to the Trade Union Congress and government documents on social policy; notes on drinking and the Artist in Industry Scheme which Chadwick participated in in 1981 [see 2003.19/2/4]; list of units to photograph for 'Model Institution'; a page of notes possibly relating to 'Train of Thought'; the remainder of the notebook has notes relating to tutorials Chadwick gave at various art colleges.

Physical description: hard backed notebook with marble effect cover, pencil and ink on paper.

Accession: 2003.19/2/3

Gift of the Helen Chadwick Estate, 2002-2003