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Paloma Varga Weisz: Bumped Body Exhibition guide produced to accompany the exhibition 'Paloma Varga Weisz: Bumped Body'.
David Dye, black 'Alwych' notebook on early work, c. 1966 Pocket sized black 'Alwych' notebook with notes and sketches by David Dye.
David Dye, green 'The Edmond Shorthand Notebook', c. 1972-73  
Henry Moore Drawings  
Henry Moore Studios & gardens guidebook Guidebook produced for Henry Moore Studios & Gardens in 2019.
Henry Moore, History of Sculpture Notebook, 1920 Black paper-covered boards quarter bound in black cloth 229 x 182mm now containing 40 pages of cream lightweight laid paper 229 x 180mm
Henry Moore Exhibition Catalogue, Leicester Galleries, London, 1931 Including a prefaratory note by Jacob Epstein.
Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook on early work Notebook on ideas and the development of early works made when Helen Chadwick was a student, May 1972 to 1975.
Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Further notebook on early work Notebook on ideas and the further development of early works by Helen Chadwick, 1975 to c.1978.
Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook on 'Model Institution' An installation with sound about unemployment shown at various venues from 1981-1983.
Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook on 'Fine Art/Fine Ale' Covers Chadwick's Artist in Industry placement with Yorkshire Arts and John Smth's brewery,
Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook on 'Ego Geometria Sum' Contains detailed research on Chadwick's approach to the subject of her past and memory
Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook c.1984-1992 Contains notes on 'Of Mutability', 'Allegory of Misrule' and 'Viral Landscapes'.
Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook 1987-1996 Contains notes on the development of works from 'Lumina' to 'Unnatural Selection'
Helen Chadwick (1953-1996) Notebook on 'Viral Landscapes' Contains technical notes on the making of 'Viral Landscapes'
Henry Moore, Notebook No.6 1926 (SKB 9) Maroon paper-covered boards quarter-bound in red cloth 223 x 173mm; the book probably contained 60 pages of cream lightweight laid paper 223 x 170mm.
Henry Moore, Notebook No.2 1921-22 (SKB 4) Maroon paper-covered boards quarter-bound in red cloth 225 x 175mm; the book probably contained 62 pages of cream lightweight laid paper 224 x 170mm.
Exhibition Catalogue, Redfern Gallery, London 1924 1924 catalogue of Original Works by a Group of Students of the Royal College of Art
Henry Moore, West Wind Relief Sketchbook, 1928 Black paper-covered boards quarter-bound in black cloth 228 x 180mm; originally containing 52 pages of off-white lightweight laid paper 228 x 180mm.